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Winston-Salem Bicycle Cooperative and Education Center

Let's talk shop.

On 11 April 2012, forty individuals met at Krankies Coffee to discuss the potential for a bicycle cooperative near the center of downtown Winston-Salem.  The turnout was a testament to an already thriving bicycle community in the Camel City -

Renewable Energy: Introduction

At the crossroads of advanced technologies and the natural environment

are the clean and renewable energy generators of the future.  Solar, wind, geothermal, thermoelectric materials, and so on - these and other technologies will be part of an international shift away from oil, gas, and coal.  

Renewable Energy: The Future of Renewable Energy

“You cannot save yourself into sustainability,” 

Dr. David Carroll, Professor of Physics at Wake Forest University, told Resource Center staff recently at the Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials Center.  To supplement current efforts in efficiency and conservation, we need “a firm and unshakable belief in technology as an answer to unsustainable practices,” he said.  The Nanotech Center’s work hinges on such a philosophy, engaging the health care market as much as the  future of energy generation.  The way forward for energy, we discovered, may fit in the palm of your hand.  Find out more below, in a transcript from our conversation.

Renewable Energy: Solar Power

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing alternative energy solutions in the U.S.,

and Winston-Salem is quickly catching on.  The sun is an immense and readily available energy source, and capturing its heat for power has the potential to answer a lot of environmental concerns associated with harmful carbon emissions. There are obvious technological and economic challenges to seeing widespread adoption of solar power generation in Winston-Salem; that said, some organizations believe it may happen sooner rather than later. 

Winston-Salem Foundation Awards Grant to The Resource Center

 On March 14, The Winston-Salem Foundation awarded the Winston-Salem Sustainability Resource Center with a grant of $30,000 to support the creation of an executive manager position and to develop new relationships with area corporations that are interested in sustainability with the goal of growing the local economy.  This grant was made possible from funds provided by the Charles Babcock, Jr. Discretionary Fund.