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Our Trip to the Enterprise Center

This summer, the staff of the Resource Center took a trip to The Enterprise Center to check out their recently added solar panels and talk to their staff and tenants about the work they are doing.  The Enterprise Center is located at 1922 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, in Winston-Salem. This address is the former site of the Salvation Army-- Boys and Girls Club. The Enterprise Center is billed as a business incubator, which has been on the Atkins CDC’s agenda since 2002. When the building became available for occupancy in 2009, renovations began.

Winston-Salem Pushing Pedal Power

The Winston-Salem Bike Cooperative (WSBC) is a new project coming together here in town aiming to get more people pedalling the streets of Winston. The group is also striving to make bike knowledge and maintenance skills much more accessible and common.

The ultimate goal is to become a force for promoting safe, healthy, economical, and environmentally responsible transportation around the city.